• 01Mise-en-Scène
  • 02Panorama*
  • 03Island
  • 04Sequence
  • 05O Sole Mio
  • 06Slow Journey
  • 01Welcome
  • 02Secret Story of the Swan*
  • 03Pretty
  • 04Merry-Go-Round
  • 05Rococo
  • 06With*One
  • 07幻想童話 (Secret Story of the Swan) (Japanese Ver.)
  • 08Merry-Go-Round (Japanese ver.)

“My diary becomes a fairy tale with your magic”
IZ*ONE’s 3rd mini album, Oneiric Diary, is a concept album that portrays both “elegant charisma” and “girl next door image” of IZ*ONE members, expressed through a combination of two opposing themes of “fantasy” and “diary”.

It tells a story of how the fairy-tale-like diary entries written by 12 girls come true through magical power. The songs in the album, which are unique in their own ways, are unified under the common theme of “oneiric diary” and form an integrated whole.

“I dance for you, I dream with you”
The title song “Secret Story of the Swan” is a cinematic EDM which expresses the multifaceted beauty of the 12 IZ*ONE members. It shows IZ*ONE as heroines in the fairy tale they have held dear to their hearts.

The song also delivers an encouraging message that all dreams can come true. It’s a track like a movie that showcases unparalleled performances and charm that are unique to IZ*ONE.

“You’re so pretty just the way you are!”
“Pretty” is a cute and bright dance song that sends a message to those who have a dream. In “Merry-Go-Round”, a merry-go-round is used as a metaphor for the beautiful moments in a dream that one does not wish to end. “Rococo” is a song that expresses IZ*ONE’s intention to create a dream-like new world. Finally, “With*One” is a fan song with lyrics written by all IZ*ONE members who wanted to show their desire to comfort the fans who were going through hard times and be by their side.

With diverse genres and lyrics, [Oneiric Diary] contains IZ*ONE’s unique set of diverse characteristics and communicates their support for everyone’s dreams throughout the album with the message that dreams do come true.

  • 01EYES
  • 02FIESTA*
  • 08YOU & I

IZ*ONE finally comes back with their first studio album [BLOOM*IZ] on February 17 and aim for a three-hit home run with the title song ‘FIESTA’.

Following the 2018 Korean debut album [COLOR*IZ], the 2nd mini album, [HEART*IZ], released last April, topped both domestic and international charts as well as breaking the first record of its own. IZ*ONE proved their global presence with their sold out ‘EYES ON ME’ tour, garnering more than 80,000 people in 8 overseas regions, and now continues to prove their boundless growth with their confirmed comeback after a 10-month hiatus.

IZ*ONE’s first studio album, [BLOOM*IZ], is a combination of the words “bloom” and “IZ*ONE.” The album expresses the twelve members at their peak of beauty, who are ready to be in full bloom, in various ways.

In particular, [BLOOM*IZ] is a meaningful album, as it wraps up the “FLOWER series,” which included “La Vie en Rose” and “Violeta.” By enduring growing pains and putting effort into their goals, this album represents IZ*ONE’s infinite potential and their diverse talent. It’s now time to finally reach their dreams that are beautifully blooming.

Furthermore, the title track, “FIESTA,” as the name implies, is expressed in a bold and glamorous manner through the image of “festivals,” depicting IZ*ONE as a group in their full bloom. If the strong passion of “La Vie en Rose” met with the lovely “Violeta” to express the group’s radiant future, “FIESTA” represents the effort to make their once dreamed of future into reality.

In addition, the full group tracks, “EYES,” “SPACESHIP,” “DESTINY,” “YOU & I,” “OPEN YOUR EYES,” along with the diverse unit tracks, “DREAMLIKE,” “AYAYAYA,” “SO CURIOUS,” “DAYDREAM,” “PINK BLUSHER,” and “SOMEDAY” filled with IZ*ONE’s mature voices enrich the track list of their first studio album.

In order to shine light on this long-awaited moment, IZ*ONE has finally blossomed through magnificent colors. With genuine hopes to fulfill their dream, IZ*ONE aims to soar higher than ever with their first studio album [BLOOM*IZ].

  • 01Hey. Bae. Like it.
  • 02Violeta*
  • 03Highlight
  • 04Really Like You
  • 05Airplane
  • 06Up
  • 07NEKONI NARITAI (Korean Version)
  • 08GOKIGEN SAYONARA (Korean Version)

Since their debut in 2018, IZ*ONE has been building global momentum by topping domestic and international charts, winning 1st place on music broadcasts, and taking home 5 rookie awards. IZ*ONE announced their comeback with the second mini-album <HEART*IZ> for release on April 1st.

Following the release of their Korean debut album <COLOR*IZ> last October, Japan’s debut single <Suki to Iwasetai> sold 220,000 copies upon release, as well as taking 1st place on Japan’s renowned daily singles chart shortly after release. After making a successful entry into both Korea and Japan’s music scene, IZ*ONE comes back after six months with their second mini-album <HEART*IZ> to set new records and expand their global footprint.

Trailing the successful release of IZ*ONE’s last debut album, producer Han Sung Soo reunited once again for the highly anticipated album <HEART*IZ>. The title of <HEART*IZ> is a compound word with 'Heart' and 'IZ*ONE,' representing love and affection which conveys IZ*ONE's sincere stories in the album. With the participation of members in the writing of select songs, a more profound musical sense as an artist can be observed.

Adding to the intensity of IZ*ONE's passion previously shown through 'La Vie en Rose,' HEART*IZ was born with further love and encouragement. While the last debut album compared their passion to a 'rose,' this album aims to deliver IZ*ONE's heartfelt message of encouragement to all listeners and fans alike. Particularly, the song 'Violeta' is a cheerful song that hopes to repay the love and energy received from the public and all fans.

In addition, the title track ‘Violeta’ was partially inspired by the fairytale, ‘The Happy Prince.’, ‘Violeta,’ represents the violet flower, which resembles all the people the members wish to encourage, while IZ*ONE represent the ‘swallow’ which delivers the ‘sapphire,’ representing happiness, to those in need. Thus the reinterpretation holds a message of encouragement that every individual is a shining light just by their pure existence.

Furthermore, this album is full of positive energy with tracks like 'Hey. Bae. Like it,’ 'Highlight' which is an extension of the song 'Violeta' depicting IZ*ONE’s superb charm, ‘Really Like You,’ a friendship-themed track expressing genuine feels for each other, ‘Airplane,’ illustrating IZ*ONE’s future and stage through the comparison of a grand sky, and lastly 'Up' which is a song of affection dedicated to all fans.

As the album <HEART*IZ> begins with a ‘flower’ and transitions into the ‘sky,’ each track is interconnected with one another. When listening in a sequential order, IZ*ONE's heartfelt love and message for WIZ*ONE can be felt, as well as the direction that they wish to continue as a group.

Moreover, the tracks ‘NEKONI NARITAI’ and ‘GOKIGEN SAYONARA,’ from the Japanese debut single, 'Suki to Iwasetai,' released in February last year, were newly adapted and reborn. As a 12-member unit version, the tracks add a finishing touch to the album which illustrates the unique voice and sensibility of IZ*ONE.

  • 01Colors
  • 02O' My!
  • 03La Vie en Rose*
  • 04Memory
  • 05We Together (IZ*ONE ver.)
  • 06Suki ni Nacchaudarou? (IZ*ONE ver.)
  • 07Yume wo Miteiru Aida (IZ*ONE ver.)
  • 08Pick Me (IZ*ONE ver.) (CD only)

Rookie Girl Group ‘IZ*ONE’ who gained explosive popularity before debut and who is now the center of hot issues, confirmed to debut on October 29 with their first Mini Album <COLOR*IZ>.

‘IZ*ONE’ consists of TOP 12 members voted by National Producers through Mnet audition program “PRODUCE48” as follows: JANG WON YOUNG, MIYAWAKI SAKURA, JO YU RI, CHOI YE NA, AN YU JIN, YABUKI NAKO, KWON EUN BI, KANG HYE WON, HONDA HITOMI, KIM CHAE WON, KIM MIN JU, and LEE CHAE YEON. The group name stands for ‘The moment when stars with 12(IZ) different colors become ONE’. It is more meaningful as it was selected among the list of suggestion from global fans. IZ*ONE will continuously be active for 2 years and 6 months as a global idol.

‘IZ*ONE(아이즈원)’ presents a debut mini album <COLOR*IZ(컬러라이즈)>, which pronounces the same as colorize meaning to put a color. As unveiled in IZ*ONE debut trailer, each member has a representing color. Among the different colors, debut album <COLOR*IZ(컬러라이즈)> uses ‘RED’ as an element that embodies the passion of ‘IZ*ONE(아이즈원)’ best. ‘ROSE’ is its concept since it represents ‘RED’ in its most beautiful and passionate way. It hopes to present the girls’ precious dream and full passion towards debut.

Title song from debut mini album, ‘La Vie en Rose’ reveals the very first charm of ‘IZ*ONE(아이즈원)’ with a catchy chorus part. The song means to make you, me and everyone’s life into rosy life as translated from the title with IZ*ONE’s passion.

Moreover, this album consists of tracks like ‘아름다운 색’ which can present the identity of ‘IZ*ONE’ the best, ‘O’ My!’ which wittily expresses an emotion of first love in Teen Dance genre and ‘비밀의 시간’ a story telling song which delivers warm emotions on top of grand arrangement. ‘앞으로 잘 부탁해’ and ‘반해버리잖아? (好きになっちゃうだろう?)’ which were assessment song from Mnet ‘PRODUCE48’ last August, ‘꿈을 꾸는 동안’ a group song performed in the final episode and ‘PICK ME’ in ‘IZ*ONE’ version, the main theme song of ‘PRODUCE48’. One who has watched them since ‘PRODUCE48’ can feel a new charm of ‘IZ*ONE’. Started from Debut Mini Album , let us look forward to the 12 colorful charms ‘IZ*ONE’ will show the whole world.