COLOR*IZ digital cover


  • 01. Colors
  • 02. O' My!
  • 03. La Vie en Rose
  • 04. Memory
  • 05. We Together (IZ*ONE ver.)
  • 06. Suki ni Nacchaudarou? (IZ*ONE ver.)
  • 07. Yume wo Miteiru Aida (IZ*ONE ver.)
  • 08. PICK ME (IZ*ONE ver.) (CD only)

Rookie Girl Group ‘IZ*ONE’ who gained explosive popularity before debut and who is now the center of hot issues, confirmed to debut on October 29 with their first Mini Album <COLOR*IZ>.

‘IZ*ONE’ consists of TOP 12 members voted by National Producers through Mnet audition program “PRODUCE48” as follows: JANG WON YOUNG, MIYAWAKI SAKURA, JO YU RI, CHOI YE NA, AN YU JIN, YABUKI NAKO, KWON EUN BI, KANG HYE WON, HONDA HITOMI, KIM CHAE WON, KIM MIN JU, and LEE CHAE YEON. The group name stands for ‘The moment when stars with 12(IZ) different colors become ONE’. It is more meaningful as it was selected among the list of suggestion from global fans. IZ*ONE will continuously be active for 2 years and 6 months as a global idol.

‘IZ*ONE(아이즈원)’ presents a debut mini album <COLOR*IZ(컬러라이즈)>, which pronounces the same as colorize meaning to put a color. As unveiled in IZ*ONE debut trailer, each member has a representing color. Among the different colors, debut album <COLOR*IZ(컬러라이즈)> uses ‘RED’ as an element that embodies the passion of ‘IZ*ONE(아이즈원)’ best. ‘ROSE’ is its concept since it represents ‘RED’ in its most beautiful and passionate way. It hopes to present the girls’ precious dream and full passion towards debut.

Title song from debut mini album, ‘La Vie en Rose’ reveals the very first charm of ‘IZ*ONE(아이즈원)’ with a catchy chorus part. The song means to make you, me and everyone’s life into rosy life as translated from the title with IZ*ONE’s passion.

Moreover, this album consists of tracks like ‘아름다운 색’ which can present the identity of ‘IZ*ONE’ the best, ‘O’ My!’ which wittily expresses an emotion of first love in Teen Dance genre and ‘비밀의 시간’ a story telling song which delivers warm emotions on top of grand arrangement. ‘앞으로 잘 부탁해’ and ‘반해버리잖아? (好きになっちゃうだろう?)’ which were assessment song from Mnet ‘PRODUCE48’ last August, ‘꿈을 꾸는 동안’ a group song performed in the final episode and ‘PICK ME’ in ‘IZ*ONE’ version, the main theme song of ‘PRODUCE48’. One who has watched them since ‘PRODUCE48’ can feel a new charm of ‘IZ*ONE’. Started from Debut Mini Album , let us look forward to the 12 colorful charms ‘IZ*ONE’ will show the whole world.